New! Backseries Gallery in Valencia

Backseries offers a truly unique and highly original experience for all you creative types out there.  This centrally located space is part gallery and part shop, and looks set to become Valencia’s essential mee-ting point for checking out the freshest graphic design exhibitions – and for buying some great pieces too.  Javier and Ana of Backseries introduces the new venture.

How have you divided the Backseries  space? 

The front part is dedicated to the shop, where you can find an exclusive selection of products, in which graphic design is the protagonist. As our star product, we recommend our limited edition t-shirts and unbreakable bags which have a special design print on them.  These are always original, it isn’t the kind of stuff you’d find in a high street store! In the back there is the gallery, which is a light and airy 50m2  space, which is entirely dedicated to great art!  The exhibitions  vary between street art, urban art, and other new trends, and we always ensure a high level of professionalism in maintaing  a standard of high quality amongst all the works. 

How do you choose which artists you collaborate with? 

We’re constantly looking for emerging new artists, and aside from the obvious criteria of quality, we look to feature artists whose works will also turn out to be a good investment in the long term for the buyer.  Art isn’t just meant to be seen in a gallery, we people to consider buying something if they like it and taking it home to enjoy in their own space. This is also why we think that offering good value is important.  We have competitive prices, and a wide range of products.  This ranges from stickers desig-ned by various Spanish artists, for 50 cents, and to limited edition t-shirts which are sold for €21, or a painting by Nick Mangostus for €300, or another for €90…We want to work with all different types of artists, right now we are collaborating with a very talented Italian graphic designer.  We also hope to work with other international artists that are based in Valencia, for future exhibitions. 

Do you think that this kind of initiative will be well received in Valencia?

Yes definitely!  Valencia needs a space for emerging artists to be able to exhibit their work, and of course to sell their pieces too. Most exhibitions tend to be in bars and cafés, whilst Backseries will raise the profile of the underground culture by creating a new space where young people’s ideas can be presented.  There are definitely some very talented people in the city, and we hope that we will be instrumental in giving this movement the support and exposure it deserves.

When is the gallery inauguration?

This will be in May, but the gallery is already open so feel free to come visit us! We’ll be opening with a collective exhibition with works by Pixel Pancho, Carlos Arroyo Galaxia and Nick Mangostus. 

By Francesca Hector. Valencia Connect




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